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Hey you guys, I've come up with yet another harebrained scheme. Plot with me. (Sorry to those of you in all the communities I'm posting this in!)

I've been tossing this idea around for a few months now, just idly, but now I'm in a do-stuff mood. So, here goes. I'm thinking of starting an e-zine, but I need some opinions on stuff. See? Look at me, I'm doing market research! Yay homeschooling! Now, help me do my homework project.

  • First of all, who am I targeting? Teens as an age group? Unitarian teens? Web-obsessed teens? Fashionate teens? Or should I just target it to everyone, and put sections for everyone in it?
  • What should I call it?This also ties in with the above question. If I target it to Harry Potter Fans, I will probably name it something different than if I were targeting Satanists.
  • How often should it be released? I think probably weekly, but I'm not sure if myself (and anyone else working on it), would be motivated to or have time to get things in that often. I'm leaning towards bi-monthly, myself.
  • What should be in it? Again, tying into targeting. Chances are, it'll (like most things I create) have a little bit of everything in it. I'll probably be recruiting people to write columns about whatever they choose (within limits). once I get back your answers on this.
  • What should the layout be? Should it be a .txt file e-zine, or an HTML e-zine?
  • What are the longer-term goals? Do I eventually want to make this a tangible 'zine (made out of paper)? That's the main question.

    So if you can please comment, and just throw any ideas at all at me, I'd appreciate it. If you're inspired to help me work on this, please comment and let me know. I'd love to work on this with more people than just me.

    Now, here are the ideas I'm tossing around currently, feel free to comment on them:
  • Targeting: Teens in general, but more like teens (you know, I feel really silly calling us "teens") who don't fit into the normal 'zine category. Not preppy, not goth, not punk, maybe just a little of everything.
  • Content:
    - I'm thinking of a website review section, in which would only be posted positive reviews. There wouldn't be a specific person who does these, it'd just be whoever sends me a review. So if you saw a nice website, you could write it a review and e-mail it to me, and I'd put it in the 'zine.

    - Also possibly a comics section, in the future. Like, if you draw a cartoon sporadically and wanted to send in some snippets, it would go in there. It depends on how many people would be willing to submit.

    - An artsy section, for those of you who are poetically and atristically inclined, you could submit your scanned drawings (or cgi drawings) and poetry and stuff, and boom, it would be in the e-zine.

    - A random facts section. This would probably be run by me, all though sebmissions would also be welcome.

    - Columns by people. I would recruit people online to commit to writing a column in every issue. The columns could be about whatever they want, as long as it's on topic (of course, if we don't have a topic, it's irrelevant). So they could write anything from a column talking about the best of internet porn, to a column reviewing a horrible Harry Potter fanfic. Hopefully some of you guys would want to do this. Also, if you ever decided you didn't want to do it anymore, you could quit. If you didn't get your material in on time, I'm sure I could get something to fill it.

    - An arts-and-crafts section. This would be where all those old Family Life magazine stashed away in my drawers would come in. It would feature one or two crafts an issue. Submissions would be welcome, naturally, or I could consult my mother's book (written in the 60's), "Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Your Own Clothing".

    - Possibly a fashion section. Again, it depends on targeting. You see, I don't believe in telling people what's cool and what's not, what they should wear and what they shouldn't, so suggestion this kind of embarrasses me. But wait, the idea gets good. Instead of being a whats-hot-and-whats-not section, it would be a section about past fashion ("Was the Bouffant lame, or what?"), fashion for the unfashionable ("Man, I just LOVE bad ties."), fashion for girls who aren't built like ten-year-olds ("I heard about this new site for plus-sized girls..."), and so on.

    - Letters to the editor (me!). For people who want to complain about things they didn't like in the zine, or for things that they did like, or that helped them.

    - An advice column. Run by elite specialists *coughmeandemmucough*, it would be pleasant and helpful, not demeaning and condescending like some magazines.

  • Layout: I'm personally leaning towards HTML, just because it's easier to link, post pictures, and make things look pretty. Don't you agree?

    So please, comment and help me out! Remember, your opinion counts!
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